The 333 Sports Complex was opened in 2007 and was the first track of its kind in Northern Europe. It is comprised of five courses: Circle, Hill, Dynamic Disc, Aquaplaning and Agility Test Area. Each course is specialised to help drivers master specific challenges, methods, safe driving basis and lateral slides. The diversity of the course makes it possible to create interesting training programmes customised to meet individual wishes.
The goal of the safe driving track is to provide professional and safe conditions to simulate extreme situations and to help drivers to learn the basics of safe driving. In learning the basics of safe driving, the client not only experiences unexpected lateral slides and adrenalin in absolutely safe conditions, but also becomes a better driver, thus making an investment that benefits society as a whole!



A multifunctional area comprised of a 150 m long and 30 m wide asphalt surface.
Starting from the simplest parking and finding with the execution of a complex slalom – the course is suitable for methodology of varying degrees of difficultly. Here too, an area has been chosen for braking on various surfaces so that the driver can assess the car’s stopping distances with various degrees of grip.

The area also has a dedicated area for aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is one of the most dangerous situations that anyone can imagine on the road. Under completely safe conditions at the track, the driver can experience what really happens when a car aquaplanes, as well as experiencing the drivability and braking of the car. This is a course that is ideally suited to checking the quality of the tyres you’ve recently bought!

333 drosas brauksanas poligons dinamiska ripa



The basic challenge of this course is to give the driver the chance to feel and understanding the ultimate limits of the car’s grip. Under safe conditions, the driver will bet to simulate a situation, which on the road usually ends in a crash or, in a best case scenario, a serious fright.

With the help of a specially created relief, depending on the dynamic disc, a situation is simulated in which the lateral slide starts through the car’s front axle. When driving is also mastered under these conditions, to make the challenge more interesting and challenging, water obstacles are added. The driver must turn an uncontrollable lateral slide into one that is under control, and avoid the obstacle at the same time. This course is very suitable for teaching the driver how to assess the correct driving speed in slippery conditions, as well as teaching him to act correctly in situations when the chosen speed is too great.

333 drosas brauksanas poligons aplis



The most challenging as well the most interesting course.
On this course, with the help of special equipment, cars are induced to slide laterally. The intensity, speed and direction of the lateral slide can all be regulated. The direction of the lateral slide can be regulated in a mode where it is impossible to predict!
In order to make the course more interesting – water obstacle sections have been installed on two levels. Simulated obstacles are intended to prepare the driver for an instance in which, for example, pedestrians, animals, a reckless motorcyclist and any objects unexpectedly appear on the driving surface. In reality, the track simulates all this with safe obstacles!

During the drive, the driver not only has to turn an uncontrollable lateral slide into one that is under control, but also avoid obstacles. Because of the extensive course regulation options, this can also be a real challenge for professional racing drivers.

333 drosas brauksanas poligons dinamiska ripa



The course with the greatest speed and relief.
On this course, drivers learn how grip changes, how to drive down a steep slope; how a braking path changes; how the descent’s forces of inertia affect a car. What is the right way for a driver to act in this situation? You’ll have the chance to check out all of this on this course.

The series of tasks included on the course is as follows: maximum acceleration over a short distance, avoiding obstacles at great speed, braking and successful circumnavigation. Here too, conditions are made more complicated by the special epoxide surface, which reduces the car’s grip to the minimum permissible degree, as well as water obstacle sections. Those drivers from whom these adrenalin rushes are insufficient can use a speed measurement device to record the speed at which the challenge is performed. Who will be the fastest and most precise?!

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