Safe Driving Range - Sports Complex 333

Safe Driving Range

WE BELIEVE THAT SERIOUS THINGS CAN BE LEARNED WITH JOY AND EXCITEMENT! We are convinced that experimenting and learning safe driving together with your friends, colleagues or family is much more fun. It’s a completely different adventure!

The only safe driving range in Latvia with four unique tracks that provide extreme conditions in road traffic – skidding, aquaplaning, unexpected obstacles, etc.



The course is a base – the essence of safe driving. The course takes place in a group of 4 to 6 people.

120 €

During the course, all of “333” safe driving range areas are used gaining in-depth knowledge and driving skills in extreme situations. The course takes place in a group of 4 to 6 people.

160 €

This is exclusive “333” safe driving range service. No groups of people – the entire safe driving range will be at your disposal. And alongside a professional, knowledgeable instructor who will advise you on not only safe driving skills but also show you the skills required for driving in racing / track mode.

180 €

A specially designed safe driving course for all young drivers who have just obtained their driving licence, as well as for drivers with a driving licence (aged 16 and over) who want to improve their driving skills.

150 €

This course allows you to experience the car’s skidding in perfectly safe conditions and simulate situations that can happen on the road in unpredictable ways.

140 €

Training in aspects of safe driving training is intended for drivers who have been given 8 and more road traffic violation points. After the lesson, data is submitted to the CSDD for deletion of 2 penalty points.

207 €

This is a new and specially designed course that will help you learn how to drive economically, helping to reduce both your car's fuel consumption and depreciation costs, as well as your impact on the environment, while ensuring safe and efficient driving.

190 €

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to bring my own car?

It is best to participate in a car that you drive on a daily basis, but a rental car ”Toyota Auris Hybrid” is also available (by prior arrangement).

What parameters must the car meet?

The gross vehicle weight must not exceed 3.5 tonnes.

What tyres should a car have?

Tyres must not be studded.

Does the "333" range also work in winter?

The range is open all year round! In winter, there is a course specially designed for the winter season.

Where can I sign up for group courses?

You can do this by calling +371 29 555 333 or e-mailing us at

Are there courses for groups or company employees?

Yes, of course! Contact Safe Driving Range coordinator Egija for more info by calling +371 26841711 or at