Individual course

This is an exclusive “333” safe driving range service. No groups of people – the entire safe driving range will be at your disposal. And alongside a professional, knowledgeable instructor who will advise you on not only safe driving skills but also show you the skills required for driving in racing / track mode.

The course is held individually in the participant’s car (without studded tires) and should be booked in advance.

Duration: 3 hours

180 €

What will I learn on the Individual Course?

Test area

Slalom, aquaplaning (with and without obstacles), and braking on different driving segments, at different speeds.


Acquiring the car’s skidding (the skidding starts through the rear axle of the car), choosing the right action depending on the drive type. Extensive manoeuvrability, avoiding (water) obstacles, use of electronic stability systems.


Mastering the car’s skidding (the skidding starts through the front axle of the car), selecting speed and trajectory, and fast manoeuvring to avoid obstacles on slippery surfaces.


You will learn how to control the car during skidding, overcoming aquaplaning in a safe environment. Tire pressure and other factors affecting aquaplaning, driving specifics on a non-horizontal surface (slopes). Unbalanced control of driving risks, avoiding adverse obstacles (water) by braking and using a sharp turn on a slippery surface.


After completing the course the participant will receive a “333” safe driving range certificate.

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