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Driving with go-karts is suitable for people of all age groups and no experience!


At 333 you can drive with 5 different types of go-karts! We are proud to present the biggest and most modern go-kart park in the Baltics with more than 50 go-karts. They are suitable for adults and kids, we offer the fun throughout the year!


Driving takes place in open space tracks, under the sky.

333 SR5 gokarts


Amount: 20
Speed: 75 km/h
Power: 9 hp
In 2017 we completely changed our go-kart park with brand new SR5 go-karts. The latest model of rental go-karts, that are made for everyday leisure and team endurance races!
Driving: 333 rental go- kart track.

PRICE: from 12 eur / 8min

333 SR5 kartings


Amount: 10
Speed: 85km/h
Power: 13 hp
The most powerful “Sodi” factory rental go-karts in the world!
Driving: 333 sport track. Available for drivers from age of 16.
PRICE: from 15 eur / 8min

333 RT8 kartings

SODI LR5 (kid go-kart)

Amount: 7
Speed: 45 km/h
Power: 5 hp
Smaller go-karts that are suited for kids in age group 7 – 11 years, height 135cm – 145cm.
Driving: 333 rental kart track.

PRICE: 9 eur / 8min

333 bērnu ballīte


Amount: 1
Speed: 85 km/h
Power: 13 hp
The first and only two-seater go-kart in Latvia! With two wheels and one set of pedals. Take full control of driving with the “active wheel” and pedals when taking for a spin your kid (from height 120cm) / loved one or enjoy a unique drive with friends where one has the wheel, the other – control over pedals!
Driving also available with. 333 instructor (taxi lap)

25 eur /  8min
30 eur / 8 min with 333 instructor

333 2Drive gokart


Amount: 7 – 9
Power: 9 hp
Equipped with special spiked tires, enjoy the exhileratig driving feelings while drifting through the snow and ice on a frozen lake or ice-covered rental gokart track! 
Drive during dark time as well – our track has lights.
PRICE: 15eur / 8min

333 ziemas kartings


Amount: 7 adult, 2 kid
Power: 9 hp
A unique track with a view of the rooftops of Riga! Located on the 5th floor of shopping centre’s “SPICE” parking building. This is a summer track is opened from May till September / October.
PRICE: 12 eur / 8min | 9 eur / 8min

333 Spice trase