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How should drivers prepare for winter’s slippery roads?

In the warmer months, drivers have different driving habits, which are not suitable for winter conditions. Therefore, despite warnings about weather conditions and driving difficulties, the first snowy days turn chaotic on the roads across Latvia.

At the Sports Complex “333,” located just a 20-minute drive from Riga, an extensive Safe Driving Range has been established. It is equipped with devices that simulate extreme road conditions, helping drivers learn how to escape dangerous and unexpected situations. This is the only such range in Latvia.

Photo: Edijs Elksnis

The range consists of four areas. It includes special equipment, such as a dynamic roller, which, when driven over, causes the rear axle of the car to skid, teaching the driver how to react to sudden slippage in slippery conditions. Another exercise involves maneuvering around a suddenly appearing obstacle created by high-pressure water jets. The range also simulates braking on variable surfaces and replicates aquaplaning, which can occur on roads during heavy rain.

Photo: Edijs Elksnis

Various training courses are available at the Safe Driving Range for experienced drivers who wish to refresh their driving skills and ensure their own and other road users’ safety. Training is also offered to new drivers who have recently started driving and want to learn the basics of safe driving early on. Currently, a Winter Driving Course is available, focusing on improving general driving skills in snowy and slippery conditions. This includes experiencing car skidding and simulating unexpected situations on the road to avoid traffic accidents.

How should drivers prepare for winter's slippery roads?

In Latvia, the first snowy days of winter have always been challenging for drivers due to changing weather conditions, ice, and snow accumulation, leading to road accidents.

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