TRACK DAY is held on the following dates in November

TRACK DAY is held on the following dates in November:

November 2 (Saturday) 12:00-19:00
November 7 (Thursday) 15:00-19:00
November 16 (Saturday) 11:00-19:00
November 28 (Thursday) 5:00-19:00

At the event lap time control are ensured for all participants.

What is TRACK DAY?

TRACK DAY is an event where anyone can drive their car in sport mode under safe conditions, in a closed track.

What can be obtained?

Learn to drive in sport mode under safe conditions, control your lap times and always strive to improve your personal results.

Need some advice? Book instructor on the phone 29555333. Instructor services costs 30Eur per hour.

All participants or supporters will be able to follow the results by watching them in the 333 CAFÉ on TV, as well as on your phone, using the app called MYLAPS Speedhive.

At the track in the car, at the same time are allowed to have 2 people (in front seats only), so we invite you to take friends and family with you and go in track together.

What else?

 333 CAFÉ will be opened all time where you can purchase warm lunches and hot drinks.

During Track day our Go – kart track will be opened as well and everyone will have opportunity to ride our SR5 Go- karts. Due to beginning of the autumn season, in October the Go – kart price is 9eur/8min for adults and 6eur/8min for children.

TRACK DAY prices

Due to the improvement of safety rules and the willingness to reduce the load on machinery, the length of one session is 10 minutes.

Price for 6 sessions (6×10 minutes) – 25 Eur.
It is available to buy only one session: 10 minutes/5eur
Instructor’s services – 30eur/h
Helmets rent – 2Eur per person


During a car practice it is not allowed to have physical interaction with other cars and it is not drift practice. Light, controlled, side slides are allowable. Intentional drift are strictly forbidden. We remind you that safety and tracks usage rules should be observed. In the track OCTA insurance does not work and KASKO works only if it is applied for extreme driving.

The seat belt and helmet during the ride is mandatory for both the driver and passenger. The helmet can be rented in the “333” info center of the Sports complex.

When going on a track, you should remember that the trunk of the car also needs to be empty or it should be well fastened.

During the sessions in the track there are 6-8 cars at the same time and are let in in the track one after other, placing 200m distance between each of them. The route configuration is changed several times during the day, making drives more interesting.

It is important to remember that TRACK DAY – are not competition. It is a chance to better understand your car, improve your driving skills, but – without the slightest competition with other players.

For more information, call “333”  Info Center by phone 29 555 333.