333 TEAM


Haralds Šlēgelmilhs


333 CEO and visionair.
A lot of time is spent abroad, but 333 is his “happy land”

Nellija Štolcermane


333 board member, financial and legal matters
Success hides in the details, that Nellija will spot and improve.

Nellija Štolcermane
333 Oksana Majore

Oksana Majore


333 head of administration, financial matters
With love and precission supervises 333 everyday life.

Egija Laure


333 administration and info centre.
Under her supervision the order takes place effortlessly. The clients will be greeted with a dose of humor.

333 Egija Laure
333 Alise Krustkalne

Alise Krustkalne


333 projects, events.
With energy, speed and laconic approach will find a solution to your request.

Elvijs Švāģeris


333 everyday activity supervision, racing driving
Manages all the vehicles of 333 and know what is happening in the tracks.

333 Elvijs Svageris
333 Aleksandrs Volskis

Aleksandrs Voļskis


333 safe driving and offroad instructor.
Safe driving and offroad is his speciality for at least 15 years. With excitement he gives the knowledge to every client. 

Andrejs Gailītis


333 Technical Supervisor
He was here when the first meter of tarmac was layed. Today he supervises and controls all the technical matters and takes care, that everything would be in order.

333 Andrejs Gailītis
333 Inga Freimane

Inga Freimane


333 Cafe, catering
In one word – hostes. She creates the warm and welcoming feeling at 333 Café, makes sure that everything is tip-top in our catering maters.

Mārcis Krūmiņš


333 Cafe Cheff
They are wonders and masterpieces of taste, what Mārcis creates at the 333 Café.

333 Marcis Krumins