First stage of “Rotax Nordic Challenge 2019” takes place at 333 Sports Complex race track

Last weekend, June 14 and June 15, was the start of international kart racing competition “Rotax Nordic Challenge”, which occured here, at the local 333 Sports Complex race track. 8 different countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Belgium, Belarus, Russia and Georgia) and their fastest go-kart drivers participated in the competition, but particularly Latvian athletes managed to win most award-winning places by getting 8 medals.

In the senior class, there were only Estonian athletes placed on pedestal – Kairo Kivi came first with a very convincing result. Class DD2, on the other hand, was Latvian sportsman Matvejs Makusins victory. He won the race with a great score predominance.

The most successful driver in the junior class was Tomass Štolcermanis, local Latvian rider. Junior class was also the most powerful in this competition –  there were 19 athletes from 8 countries, who took part in the race. Tomass won both of the races in a uncompromising battle, leaving his closest opponent behind and finishing the race 5 seconds faster.

In terms of the DD2 Masters class, it must be said that Henrijs Grube, leader of the competition, quit the race due to technical reasons only two laps before the finish. Another interesting fact is that this year’s race in DD2 Masters class was Belgian athlete’s Christopher Adams 14th time being in the competition. This is a unprecedented fact in the history of the Rotax Nordic Challenge.

All of the people who could not attend this event at 333 Sports Complex, were able to see the livestream of “Rotax Nordic Challenge 2019” provided by in cooperation with the Sports Complex 333 and the Latvian Automobile Federation Go – kart Commission. Atis Veismanis and Uldis Galpins gave a running commentary of the competition, making this experience fun and interesting for each go–kart fan, who was watching the race either on a TV or smart device.

“Rotax Nordic Challenge 2019” first, second and third place winners by class:

Junior Class: Place 1 – Tomass Štolcermanis (LV), Place 2 – Alexander Abkhazava (GEO), Place 3 – Artem Mikhailov (RUS)

DD2 class: Place 1 – Matvejs Makusins (LV), Place 2 – Ragnar Veerus (EST), Place 3 – Valters Zviedris (LV)

DD2 Masters class: Place 1 – Cristophe Adams (BEL), Place 2 – Igor Mukhin (RUS), Place 3 – Priit Sei (EST)

Micro class: Place 1 – Dovidas Gudelevicius (LT), Place 2 – Kārlis Kirikovs (LV), Place 3 – Roberts Purmalis (LV)

Mini class: Place 1 – Martins Janovskis (LV), Place 2 – Aleksandrs Skjelten (LV), Place 3 – Ričards Vecvagars (LV)

Senior Class: Place 1 – Kairo Kivi (EST), Place 2 – Dominik Sinkevits (EST), Place 3 – Karl-Markus Sei (EST)

Congratulations to all the drivers on winning places and a great start on stage 1 of this race!

Thank you very much for your support: Latvian Automobile Federation Go-Kart Commission, Sport Complex 333, news portal TVnet, sparkling wine Torley and the Blossom Factory.

The next round for our athletes will take place on the 19th and 20th of July in Finland (Vantaa). Third stage of the competition will occur at Estonia (Aravete) on August 30 and 31. Also, the organisers of the competition keep the intrigue – the two-time world champion in go-karts, Bas Lammer, has promised to take part in one of the stages of the competition! Follow the events and see you at the track!