The course duration is 8h. 4h of theory and 4h of practical exercises.

349 €

What will I learn in the theoretical part?

  • SUV – definition;
  • Geometric parameters. Ground clearance, approach, and departure angles;
  • The radius of travel. Improvement of geometric parameters;
  • Body and transmission lift;
  • Transmission, its types;
  • Downshifting;
  • Distribution box – tasks and technical solutions;
  • Locking differentials. Rigid and partial locking;
  • Suspension. Articulation of bridges. Springs, beams, etc.;
  • Wheels. Tyres and wheels, types and applications of treads;
  • Optional equipment. Strikers, cables, carabiners, jacks, etc.;
  • Electronic systems. Suspension, transmission modes, etc.;
  • Safety equipment. Towing, winching, etc.;
  • Correct and safe techniques for driving on muddy roads, sand;
  • Driving uphill and downhill;
  • Overcoming water obstacles and driving on side slopes, etc.

What will I learn in the practical part?

  • Correct trajectory, safe speed and the correct choice of transmission gear;
  • Correct riding technique over various obstacles depending on season and surface, maximum angles of ascent and descent, and radius of passage.
  • Maximum side angle;
  • Car gauge feel training;
  • Pulling and winching a stuck car. Use of additional equipment.
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