This is the story how from a dumpster a wonderland was created

2002. | established “333” – Vladislavs Šlēgelmilhs
2003. | built the first gokart track in Latvia that is within accordance of CIK FIA standarts (after Latvia’s independace retrieval)
2007. | the first safe driving range in Northern Europe region
2012. | 333 management takes over Haralds and Nellija Šlēgelmilhs
2013. | bild the first Offroad park in Baltics
2014. | new go-kart park, 1st year of Festival Playground
2015. | built a new go-kart track, 333 Cafe, go-kart track on the roof top of shopping centre “Spice” parking
2016. | jet-ski zone and collaboration with Wavelet”, collaboratio with ADM Raceway Moscow and Rustavi International Motorpark, purchase of worlds fastest rental go-karts – Sodi RT8
2017. | first permament building (1200 m2), motocross and hard endure park, purchase of the worlds most modern rental go-karts Sodi SR5
2018 | start of camping zone development, for the first time the biggest festival for children “ZZ Čempionāts” takes place at 333 with 15 000 participants.