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Flyboard and other services

Flyboard and other services

from 15 €


Price: 50 € / 10 min, 80 € / 20 min
Age: 14+
Model: Flyboard SPORT

A flyboard is a flotation device attached to a jet ski.

The board is designed so that the jet ski follows behind the rider, allowing the rider to feel free on the water and also dive. The rider on the turbo is in special boots attached to the board, similar to a wakeboard/snowboard. The board is attached to a hose that is attached to the jet ski. Under the influence of water pressure, which is controlled by the driver on the jet ski, the flyboard has the ability to rise above the water (reaching 14 m) or dive head first towards the bottom. Windsurfing is much easier than it looks – getting up from the water requires similar skills as water skiing.

A helmet is used for safety.

Other services

  • Jet ski towing (for kids) 15 € / 5 min
  • Water ski simulator – 15 €/ 5 min
  • Wetsuit rent – 5 €