Enduro sprint participants will be „rumbling” at Sports complex „333”

On Saturday, 24th of August, the sixth stage of Latvian Enduro championship and fourth stage of Latvian Cup enduro sprint will take place at Sports complex “333”, Ropažu region.

For many people Sports complex “333” is known as a sports, entertainment and leisure facility for the whole family. Enduro sprint will be organized in Sports complex “333” for the second year in a row. The organizer of the competition invites to participate also absolute beginners – motorcyclists who have never entered a competition.

As the competition organizer and experienced enduro driver Lauris Ermanis admits (“Motosports RT”) last year was not easy because it was the first race organized in this track. “We didn’t know the land owners, “Rīgas meži”, infrastructure, that is why last year was colourful, but the drivers and audience liked it. I got to know the “Rīgas meži” and “Rīgas meži” company related people, they on the other hand, saw that we are civilized people and that we follow the signs and we do not ride all around and across the forests, that is why this year I got the approval faster and all that was left was to take action,” explains Lauris Ermanis. Concerning the track, the race organizer told that the ride would be similar as last year but this year it would go in the opposite direction. One lap is approximately 25 kilometres including special tests. “We would like to make the ride a lot more interesting but taking into consideration “Rīgas meži” and owners of private forests it is not as easy to create as I would like. Thereby it will lead the driver through the forest paths and trails that are marked in the map. We will work more on speed tests making them even more interesting and a bit longer,” reveals the organizer.

This year as well we will hold the same 2 speed tests that were last year. One – combined super enduro test with various obstacles, a meadow next to the track will also be used. The other test – created in the Sports complex “333” central off road hill where the drivers will have to go up the hill, down and around it. Also special additional obstacles will be located on the off road hill. „The forest part which was used last year won’t be used this year. Both test will be relatively more interesting and technical,” says the organizer.

Absolute beginners are also invited to the competition. Motocross training on the super enduro track is open until Tuesday evening, 20th of August.

„I invite all drivers and fans to come to enduro sprint race with families and friends. Sports complex “333” has activities for the whole family. They will be prepared to serve  meals in both cafes. See you on 24th of August at Sports complex “333”!”, said Lauris Ermanis.

First start at 12 o’clock.

Competition regulation: www.lamsf.lv

Registration: www.enduromanager.eu until 23.08.2019. 14 o’clock. If any doubts, write to dbluma@inbox.lv

We remind you that motorsport is high-risk sport and we encourage you to be careful, follow the boundaries and judge instructions, as well as look after your children and dogs. We are for a safe motorsport!

Information prepared by Luīze Vīksna