CC Nation in 4th of September

CC Nation in 4th of September

On 4th of September the CC Nation Riga Festival, will take place in the Sports complex “333” from 10:00 to 22:00.

Entrance in the festival is charged. More info:

Various activities will be available for festival visitors:

  • CC Nation Riga Festival 2021 car show
  • Track Day (car rides)
  • Go-kart rides
  • Kids Wonderland Bubble Field
  • Jet skis and turbine board
  • Street food
  • and other activities


During the festival there will be an opportunity to go with “333” go-karts.

Special festival price for SR5 go-kart – 12Eur / 8min.
It will be possible to go with children’s go-karts (9Eur / 8min). It will not be possible to drive with RT8 go-kart during the festival, as other activities will take place on the track.
Please book your trips in advance by calling 29 555 333, the number of places is limited.

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Car Training Day or Track Day
Everyone can go on a closed track with their car and drive it in sporty mode, in safe conditions.
Price 5Eur / 10 minutes. Please bring your own helmets.

To participate, register here –



At the other end of the water park tank are two Sea-Doo jet skis with 90 hp. The ride takes place in a safe environment, on a track made of buoys.

Price for jet skis during the festival – 25Eur / 10 minutes

Price for a ride with a turbine board – 35Eur / 10 minutes


To book a trip, call – 26318244

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Everyone can attend the event!

A quick saliva test can also be done on site before entering the event.

Admission is free for children under the age of 12, as well as no need to show or take any tests.

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