The 2022 updates in the territory of the entire complex also affected the track. The start of the reconstruction of the big track in the territory of “333” is a big surprise for fans of Latvian motorized sports.

The history of the big track begins in 2003, when the first go-kart track in Latvia was built, which meets CIK FIA motor sports standards. Until now, the total length of the track has been 1200 m and the width is from 8-12 m with up to 12 possible track configurations, which are specifically suitable for karting, various car disciplines, rallycross and supermoto.

In 2022, large-scale works for the reconstruction of the Great Track will be started, for its equipping with world-class infrastructure, for complete preparation for local and international competitions, as well as for the performance of daily functions – go-kart rental; car, motorcycle, etc. motor sports training.

The “333” team recognizes that 2022 is one of the most active years of change in the history of the sports complex. The renovation of the infrastructure of the track is in full swing: “We are not able to finish one section when additional works are already coming!”, says the representative of 333.

One of the goals of the 333 Sports complex is to become the leading motorized sports complex in the Baltics, as well as to be in step with tracks in Europe and the world.